An Intelligent app to make building muscle easier.

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Driven by science to create consistent muscle building results.

Why use trackmylifts?

Consistent Muscle Growth

trackmylifts physically challenges you each week by increasing the session intensity providing consistent results for you.

Saves Time

Track your weight lifting performance on an easy to use app interface so you can focus more time on what's important.
(Pumping iron)

Keeps You Motivated

We make it easy to see your progression at the gym to help you stay motivated for your long term goal.

About trackmylifts

trackmylifts is an intelligent mobile app for helping you achieve your muscle building goals. Whether it’s increasing strength, size, endurance or power, there’s a perfect workout program waiting for you. Every session, trackmylifts will guide you through the workout ensuring you make progress week on week.

We've worked hard to create an algorithm to predict your performance. Simply select a workout program and we'll tell you the exercises, reps and the weight. Tailored to you.


Programs for every goal

Strength, size, endurance or power. Whatever your goal, we've got you covered.

Difficulty Indicator

We'll tell you how difficult each set will be. Be prepared to challenge in every workout!

Weight/Rep prediction

Not sure what weight to use or how many reps to peform? We'll tell you both.

Build a workout

Have more freedom by creating your own programs.

Progress Statistics

Visualize performance to see improvements with specific exercises.

Build a streak

Stay motivated with an in-app streak. Never skip a workout again!


Premium ⭐️

  • All Access To Workouts ✅
  • Unlimited Sessions ✅
  • Tailored Plans For Your Goal ✅
  • Optimal Weight Prediction ✅
  • Optimal Rep Prediction ✅
  • Comprehensive Stats On All Sessions ✅
  • Custom Workout Creator ✅



*Price may vary depending on your location

Meet the creator

Ben Wright

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have developed a weight lifting specific neural network to predict performance using AMP Technologies.

Inside the app, after you complete each set, you will be advised to enter the difficulty on a scale of 1-5. We use this data alongside the number of reps achieved and the weight used into our neural network. We then use this data for future workouts to recommend the best reps and weight to use to maximise gains.